Industry Colloquium

Call for Participation: Industry Colloquium: SACAIR2021

SACAIR Conference Committee
AI in Industry Colloquium

The Organising Committee of the South African Conference for Artificial Intelligence Research (SACAIR2021) invites the participation of industry and business partners in an Industry colloquium to be held during the Unconference on 6 December 2021 as part of the 2021 edition of the conference.

Artificial Intelligence in general, and machine learning in particular, has driven the fourth industrial revolution. The implications for business has been widely discussed and interrogated. An important trend has been the time to market from ideas and techniques developed within academia to viable implementations within businesses. It thus clear that to ensure digital advantage for South African Industry, closer ties must be forged between academics and industry. The annual SACAIR series of conferences is an ideal opportunity to begin these conversations. The organising committee is thus looking forward to your participation in the conference as a whole and in the colloquium in particular.

The colloquium will consist of invited talks and panel discussions covering the broad theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence in Industry: A South African Perspective’. We invite your organisation to participate by giving talks covering this broad theme and/or by allowing your employees and interns to attend the colloquium. Talks that cover industry experiences with AI, industry challenges with implementing AI solutions, and implications for science and technology education as well as presentations that talk to the broad themes of the conference are welcome.

The colloquium will also afford your business excellent networking opportunities and allow engagements with the top students and academics from various universities in South Africa. It is hoped that these opportunities will be used by students, industry and academics to forge links.

Please contact Anban Pillay at to discuss your participation.